Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Several Techniques Used to Add Value to Your Property


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that there are many different ways to fix up a house and that the costs can range from moderate to high depending on how much work is done and what materials are chosen. The following types of improvements could make a big difference in the value of your property:

  • Add details from architecture to the design. You can add some personality to a space that isn’t very interesting by putting in a chair or crown molding.
  • Put in new windows or doors or make changes to the ones you already have. This is a very important addition. Not only does it make the property look better, but it could also make the house quieter, save money on heating and cooling, and let in more natural light. Installing French doors that lead to the backyard can add elegance to the house. These doors also make the room feel bigger and let in more light. Skylights are another way to let light into rooms that don’t have windows or other ways to let in natural light. You can make the most of a great view from your property by putting windows and doors in the right places. You can also hide a less-than-ideal view, like a brick wall or a view straight into your neighbor’s house, by doing the opposite.
  • Change the carpet or rug. Putting in new hardwood floors, tiles, or updated carpeting can raise the value of a home.
  • Reduce noise. People really want to think that their own home is a peaceful oasis. Some ways to cut down on noise include adding insulation; putting in double-paned windows and doors; putting down carpets and rugs to muffle the sound of footsteps; and putting plants in places where they can absorb more noise.
  • Fix up your kitchen or bathroom. This includes changing a part of the area, but not the whole thing. It can mean changing the floor or the counters. In the bathroom, you can replace the toilet, the sink, or the bathtub. When talking about a kitchen, this could include buying new appliances.
  • Give the kitchen or bathroom a complete makeover. This would require making a lot of changes to how the space looks. It might mean putting in new cabinets, new countertops, new flooring, new lighting fixtures, new appliances, new sinks, new faucets, new cabinet knobs, a new bathtub, a new shower, a new toilet, or even rearranging the furniture in the room.
  • Make a layout that uses the space more effectively. For example, tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room would be an example of this. It could mean moving things around in a kitchen to make more space that can be used. One idea is to add a bathroom to the main bedroom to make it feel more like a suite. By moving some rooms around, like the office and the dining room, you can make it easier for people to move around the house. It’s also possible to take space out of one room and put it in another. For example, if your living room is too big, you might take some space out of it to make room for a pantry in the kitchen.


As you can see, there are many ways that you can add value to your property. Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you take some of these ideas an apply them to your home today!

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